Course curriculum

  • 1

    OpenSees Examples Manual

    • Download and Install Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook on your PC

    • Setting Up OpenSeesPy on your PC

    • OpenSees Examples Manual Introduction

    • OpenSees Example 1a. 2D Elastic Cantilever Column

    • OpenSees Example 1b. Elastic Portal Frame

    • OpenSees Example 2a. Elastic Cantilever Column with variables

    • OpenSees Example 2b. Nonlinear Cantilever Column: Uniaxial Inelastic Section

    • OpenSees Example 2c. Nonlinear Cantilever Column: Inelastic Uniaxial Materials in Fiber Section

    • OpenSees Example 3. Cantilever Column with units

    • OpenSees Example 4. Portal Frame

    • OpenSees Example 5. 2D Frame, 3-story 3-bay, Reinforced-Concrete Section & Steel W-Section

    • Modifying Example 5